Friday, December 19, 2008

2. Don't Do It!

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This week, our heroine is forced to return to the world of Dun, Dun, Dun!... Online Dating.
Do you take breaks from online dating? Does it overwhelm you?


Dating Addict said...

Ok, I have to say one thing. The more I look at our standout in panel seven, the sweeter I get on him. :)
I would totally right to him write now!

- Amber

missamericanpie said...

I have to take breaks from jdate to prevent psychotic breaks!!! I mean- how does one deal with an inbox flooded with messages from 60 year old men who HONESTLY think you're interested in them b/c they say they look 55? And the cougar hunters- do they honestly think we're not aware of their motives?
Tip for the girls who are looking for something real- avoid the internet past 11 pm- unless your idea of fun is a drunk guy who wants to know if you're turned on by his photo before he even says hi or asks you if you wanna meet up right now. (I guess it depends on what you're looking for) This guy just Im'd me and turned out he had a webcam and suddenly the camera revealed a naked man! HELLO?!! whatever happened to foreplay? courting....
I love "mr. you're so hot...I want you write now"...he's SO online!!
Great illustrations too -especially the cougar hunters.

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European Dating said...

yeah.. i think so..

plentymorefishoutofwater said...

This is one of the best blogs I've ever seen. Please come back. And as someone who's recently given up online dating, I love this post - so true.

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Countryside dating said...

I had tried online dating only once and I got cheated and completely broken up at that time. After that I am on break from online dating.. And yes I am overwhelmed by it.

facebook dating said...

Online dating can be beneficial to people with rough schedules.

Dating women said...

The men love moonlit walks on the beach and cooking a romantic candlelit dinner for that special someone.

Anonymous said...

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Online Dating Help said...

I agre with the above poster. Moonlit beach and candles is the way to go!

Popular Dating Tips said...

Do dating very cautiously.. even a simple mistake will create probzz.. so be cautious...

cjunarse said...

i've tried dating to my chatmate before and we became bestfriend he was the one who listen to my problems, etc. but days and months had passed were not meet or look each other because he was busy in his work me im busy in schooling. its so sad. i've try to spent my time in posting in this site because i express my opinions and my suggestions. and i meet new friends. you try also visit this site then drop some comments in every topics discussed thanks :)

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