Wednesday, December 17, 2008

4. A Picture's Not Worth 1,000 Words

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Amy has been duped by an online photo. Why, oh why, do people put up old photos? Or skinnier photos? Or taller photos? Don't they know we will find the truth?
Have you ever been duped by a photo? Or are all photos bound to disappoint?


Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Harsh but great. As a guy, I am enjoying your strip. One question: Does the heroine have any flaws? (I know it's her story, but from what you've shown so far, she really is a perfect fairy princess in a cold world...)
Keep up the excellent work!

Dating Addict said...

Dear Anonymous,
In answer to your question, NO. Our heroine has no flaws. She IS perfect :)
Glad you are enjoying our strip.

- Amber

Olga said...

absolutely! if a guy says he's 5'7" but is shorter than me when I'm wearing flats, he's LYING. And you are right: don't they realize we'll find that out as soon as we see them?

missamericanpie said...

I think our heroine has flaws. For one thing- she's ADDICTED to online dating.. also she's a little too critical sometimes (so what if he doesn't have hair) and she's definitely neurotic. She can be a bit too critical sometimes too- like so what if he's a little overweight?
So long as he doesn't go on the ENTIRE date- like Ben - as he globs down his purple ice cream with no awareness of his date's reaction to his monologue... By the way- I love that character. I've dated him so many times!! One time he just bought himself a soda during the hot NY summer and just ignored me?? and kept talking....

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I don't know, I truly believe a picture is worth a thousand words, but thats just me.

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Black Dating said...

Based from what I saw to the said photo.. I will truly be mad to a liar like him!

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