Saturday, December 13, 2008

8. Snappy Answers To Stupid (Dating) Questions

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With Apologies to MAD magazine we present AMY's Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions.
Please add your own!


Jeremy said...

good stuff klein. this should be a tv show..

rv said...

q) Have you ever had a serious relationship ?

a1) Well Brad never smiled and we talked a lot about death.

a2) You know how it is. One person's "serious relationship" is another person's "psychotic obsession".

a3) My stock-broker and I are very close.

a4) I had a serious relationship with a guy until he found out about it.

missamericanpie said...

rock on amy! I LOVE this column.
If my great aunt calls me ONE more time to stir up panic attacks in me asking me "what are you doing home? why aren't you out getting exposure... there are lectures... concerts etc..." I might have to marry one of those 80 year old lecherous men on jdate.

JeZyLixXxiOuZz said...

Love it... ahahha

First Date said...

uh oh, old lecherous men on jdate is not good!

nycdbdnz said...

I'll stick to meeting people IRL vs. OD. I don't like dishonesty and it seems far more common (as to what I've encountered) with men online.

Their dating profile may say: age: 38, but really he's 45. height: 5'10, really he's 5'8. marital status: separated. really they've had an argument and he's looking for someone on the side.

Those were made up stats, but have happened to someone. My favorite is answering an ad on CL and you send 1 photo, after you agree to exchange pics and the moron never sends a pic, but compliments you and wants another. Weirdo!

I'll stick to traditional ways of meeting men, in the gym, grocery store, in a park, at the bank, out in public over creeping internet dating. No thanks, too many weirdos and losers.

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Oscar Taylor said...

My personal advice when you are dating, "Just be yourself".