Monday, December 15, 2008

6. Nice Guys Finish Last

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Amy meets Tom. He's got a big house and a big...stomach -- which she can't stomach. Do you have any physical traits you can't deal with?


David said...

That guy Tom is so me! I look like my profile and I'm a gentleman and girls like me and I just need a girl to come live in my house and...OK, so I don't OWN the house I'm in and I'm unemployed*, and I'm in decent shape and...wait. No, I GOT IT!

That guy David is so me! We have the same name, same teeth, same rogueish it's-ok-to-sleep-with-me-on-the-first-date vibe, the same body, same...(well, no, I don't have six packs, or long hair, and I'd call if I...hmm...

Who ARE these guys?!?!?

*At least I'm not like that guy from the earlier strip who USED to write in TV. What a loser. Personally, I've NEVER written in TV...I wish someone would let me. :-(

Fun Joel said...

No problem with the "I'm not attracted to a big guy" thing. Obviously, we're all attracted to different things. What's always irked me is the "Nice = Kiss of Death." At least that was only a footnote, not the main thrust of this strip. (I'm sure it will be coming though! :-) )

a_h_roth said...

Brutally honest, well drawn, and something that any single can relate too (and maybe even this married guy). Keep it up, Amy and Amber.

As far as the "nice guy" thing: isn't it just a question of confidence? The "nice guy" may be nice, but too often terminally deferential. Men seem to be much more attractive when they have spines. It doesn't mean being a dick (like the guy from last week), it just means being sure of yourself, having your own personality, and not being a pushover. Pushover=very unattractive to most women.

It just so happens that assholes act more confident than nice guys. The trick is to find the rare nice guy who's actually sure of himself. Not many of them, but they do exist.

Dating Addict said...

Thank you for your great responses! I can't speak for both of us, but I find that making the most of what you got, be it a large frame, big gut, bad comb over or that dreaded nice guy gene is hot as long as you can OWN it. Confidence makes me cra cra crazzzzy, that and complete admiration and devotion (you know- it's the little things).

- Amber

P.S. David, tell Amy to write the actual YOU into a strip! Maybe we can at least work you into a crowd scene.

David said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David said...


A CROWD SCENE? Dude, you guys should at least write a strip about how Amy and I met. That's a perfect comic in itself. Not online dating, but juicy short story form perfect for the strip.

How about it Amy? Our anniversary is approaching by the lunar calendar. :-)


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I think part of what women don't like about the nice guy is that there is no chase. Women like the nice guys, but not until after they feel they have thoroughly changed him/won him over. Maternal instincts perhaps?

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