Thursday, December 11, 2008

#10 - Mixing Metaphors

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Dating is like...
Like a dance? Like an investment? It's like something. Yeeha!


Anonymous said...

My friend's grandmother used to say, "With one 'tuchus' you can't dance at two weddings." Perhaps that's not the perfect metaphor here, but does the multi-dating actually work?

David said...

Sure multi-dating works. Depends who and what you're trying to work though.

As for needing to be unavailable and mysterious. That's a total turn off for this guy.

missamericanpie said...

Cosmo says "don't share too much with your guy - that way you'll keep him intrigued..: allow there to be lots of silence where you're looking off into the distance. That will keep him wondering about your mysterious side..." I say- how the hell can you be strategizing and posing if you're REALLY interested in intimacy!!
Cool and mysterious is good if you wanna catch (and then drop) a player.

As for the eggs metaphor.. can't they leave us alone already with the biological clock?!! jesus!

JeZyLixXxiOuZz said...

nice.. ^^

Dina said...

Personally, I have never been good at "power dating" or dating multiple people at once. Too much to keep in mind, I would get their info mixed up! lol I have not had the best luck with online dating in the past generally speaking, but I am always just "myself". Maybe I need to work on that cool and mysterious thing.

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