Tuesday, December 9, 2008

#12: Breaking News! Breaking News!

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The Kiss...!
What does kissing say about a person?


Anonymous said...

I've been told that I'm challenged in that department. Give us some tips online dating girl! Or anyone? How to improve this crucial skill?

Ray Vandelay said...

Kissing is a dangerous business. I once Frenched a girl and almost choked to death on her tongue stud. I say if you’re gonna put jewelry in your mouth make it something that you won’t swallow by mistake like say a broche or a wristwatch.

missamericanpie said...

Ask your girl to kiss you the way she likes to be kissed. I'm usually open to people not knowing... it's very subjective and humbling- the whole first kiss thing for everyone. But the most important thing seems to be- try something and WAIT or stop to see her reaction... (eg lack of a pulse, choking sounds... sweet smile...). This guy recently lunged at me and didn't let me breathe. It was unrelenting!!!

I'm still laughing from that kiss
picture! Hysterical! When you spend that much time putting on makeup you want to retain some of it- you don't want it to be someone's meal..So true to life!! oy!

missamericanpie said...

P.S. I love the way you guys did this storyboard as a newsreport. Also really enjoyed the satire "how you kiss is who you are...". Shall I count the things that tell us who we are per the self help genre and self destructive women's magazines articles!?
You are your lipstick color.
No Wait...How you dress says it all.
Six styles of cuddling in your man and what this says about him...(poor guys have no idea whats being made up about them!)

Russianladies2 said...

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Kissing tells a lot about how a person is in bed.