Monday, December 8, 2008

#13 -Bachelor Number Two

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Amy's first date with Jeremy!
When it clicks, it clicks. How do you know when something clicks on a date?


Jeremy said...

i feel like i can see deeper into your single mind each week...JMO

David said...

But what did he drive?

(and you did leave the oven on)

missamericanpie said...

I love the stolen glances pic.
Also the neurotic ruminations.
So hard to be in the moment on a first date. 80's clothes are usually problematic- I dont know whoever said "you can help them change their clothes.." (I think it was my mother? )b/c if they're still wearing acid washed jeans - you can be sure the apartment is completely mirrored.. and he's attached to his decor. (think ahead to your new home together and the decor fights..)

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