Sunday, December 7, 2008

#14 - The Morning After

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Amy had a good time on her date...or did she? How do you spend the morning after?


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Anonymous said...

Man you are one needy chick.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that calling back within 24 hours meant you're overeager and clingy. It's that kind of thing that either ends relationships before they start or poisons second dates.

Dating Addict said...

Needy? How am I needy?

When people are really ready for a relationship, they don't have to wait the "3 days" to call. A guy who is interested should call the next day, and if that freaks a girl out she's probably not interested anyway.

Of course, these are rules for the over-30 set.

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David said...

Men sense when you're available so don't be.

PLEASE stop the insanity.

Just be available.

I meet SO many women who aren't available it would be a pleasure to find someone who was.

To find a woman who has no room for me in her life because of: her job, her dog, her past, her kids, her ex-husband, her ex-boyfriend, her current boyfriend, the list goes ON...

I don't know what too available is.

If you mean don't be desperate and fawning, fine, but how about be an equal partner in a relationship.


PS the word verification below is asking me to type in "brised". Is that like when you are post-bris. A new synonym for being circumcised. "Dude, I got brised!"

Dating Addict said...

good points. I will try to be available...

Anonymous said...

Dear Dating Addict,

Because you seem to dump every guy (but two) out of the hundreds you have dated online for everything from being "big" to being "sloppy kissers" while worrying if someone is Jewish enough for parents (who are not actually dating these guys), it is very clear that you will be as "available" during the next 38 years as you have been for the first. 38.


. said...

dear concerned,
thanks for your concern. there are plenty of guys who have dumped me and broken my heart too...see the full story of my journey in the upcoming book! hopefully that will include a man's perspective too.
- dating addict

missamericanpie said...

I think it's true that guys sense when you're available.. but it gets confusing. Some guys freak out if you actually ARE available (and I don't mean desperate... I mean just open and warm) and these guys (or women for that matter since both genders have their issues) throw a lot of us off... we then start revising our long held instints based on their responses to us.. so what's a girl/ guy to do but read 1000 books which each contradict each other seeking some clarity amidst the confusion only to realize if they run- they're not the one!... it's taken me years of serial dating not to take it personally when I'm open and the guy is totally rejecting as if I'm being too eager. Now I'm smarter and know it's him. (especially if he's orthodox (couldn't resist that comment!!)

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Craig said...

I also noticed that after moving together women tend to change they stop looking after themselves, and become very bitchy.

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Do date only people you're attracted to, no matter what your friends say. Approval by your peers doesn't prove a thing.

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